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DON DADA Is the epitome of unapologetic boldness. These lashes are designed for women who revel in volume and defy societal norms with their unashamed confidence that commands attention.

This lash style is a BOLD look, adding INTENSE volume and length. Made with a BAND that is ultra FLEXIBLE for super easy application & DURABLE which makes our lashes  REUSABLE.  This ensures you an enjoyable luxury experience

  • Durability: Reusable up to 20 times
  • Lashes: All lashes are hand crafted. Therefore, Lashes production may slightly varies
  • EyeShape: Monolid, Upturned, Rounded, Almond
  • Band thickness: 1mm

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  • APPLYING YOUR LASHES: Apply a small amount of lash adhesive onto a clean surface. allow the adhesive to sit for (about 1 minute) to become slightly Using the tail end of a pair of tweezers, carefully coat the lash band with adhesive, ensuring a precise and controlled application. Wait for an additional 30 seconds, delicately hold your false lashes at the center while you gently place the center of your false lashes onto the middle of your upper lash line. Gently press the outer edges onto your lash line and allow the lashes to set in place. For a seamless finish, softly pinch the lash band and your lash line together for a flawless look.
  • REMOVING YOU LASHES: Remove your false lashes by carefully pulling the band from the outer corner towards the center of your face using your fingertips. Be cautious not to tug on the faux lashes themselves to prevent any tearing. Avoid touching your natural lashes during this process
  • CARING FOR YOUR LASHES: CLEAN YOUR false lashes immediately after use. Begin by delicately massaging the lash band with your fingertip to remove any adhesive residue. Lay the lashes on a flat surface and use a clean cotton swab dipped in a small amount of micellar water to gently wipe along the lash band and eliminate any remaining adhesive. Repeat the use of an cottong swab with a bit of micella water to gently wipe and remove the remainign adhesive
  • STORING YOUR LASHES: When not in use keep your false lashes in their storage case to safeguard them and maintain their shape. This ensures your lashes are ready fora flawless application the next time you use them.

PRO TIP: To prolong the life of your false lashes, apply mascara to your natural lashes before putting on your lashes. This helps prevents excessive product buildup on your false lashes, ensuring that they stay in prisitine condition longer.


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